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Basic Parameters:

Part number:

Type: SIM Tray

Pitch: -

Height: 2.80mm

Application: Phone

SIM tray is a kind of drawer-type SIM card holder, belonging to the field of mobile phone technology.It is composed of a tray groove and a tray body.The tray body is drawer type, and the tray slot is a drawer hole.The tray body is composed of a panel, two sides, a supporting plate, a cover plate and two left and right tensioning rods.The back end of the tensioning rod has a triangular projection.There are triangular grooves corresponding to both sides of the tray groove.The underside of the tray groove is provided with an oblique groove.The supporting plate is left and right two triangles, which are wide in front and narrow in back.The cover plate is also left and right, and the back end is provided with flanges.The stray body is made of metal or plastic.It is simple in structure, convenient to take and put SIM card.It can adapt to the design requirements of pen-type body of pen-type mobile phone.It can be widely used in pen-type mobile phones and other mobile phones.


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