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With the earth in the universe as the background, we face a peak, convey a vibrant and vibrant image.It also shows a world built on stability and trust to bring hope to humanity.



The Roman body:Symbol of balance, stability, coordination,moderation and the pursuit of customer first.

Open:By the first word and the last word, it symbolizes the Foosung of the world.

Emphasis on internal and external integration, the pursuit of their own and all the people living coexistence.

Color regulations and main colors

The main color is the basic color supporting the Identity system, providing the color used for print or digital media.

BLUE: It means freshness and hope, and it symbolizes progress and a bright future.

WHITE: It means clear, clean and unending pioneering spirit.


Tip: With the earth in the universe as the theme to achieve all background,it expresses the will of the enterprise facing the most cutting-edge era of the 21st century.

Professional: The basic molecular structure, namely circle and polygon, represents the corporate image leading the development of the basic industry /emphasis on the basic industry areas of professional.

Enterprising: The triangle, which is based on the earth and extends to the outside, represents the stability based/busy adults walking around the earth and facing the future.

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