Adhere to the spirit of excellence , depending on the quality of life , to the qualityofsurvival , rely on the credibility of development.

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Quality Certification

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Meet customer needs and strive to exceed customer needs and expectations

Customer Enjoyment

Meet customer needs and strive to exceed customer needs and expectations, so that the product is in a leading position.

Quality Priority

Quality is the foundation of a company’s survival and the lifeblood of an enterprise.

Continuous Improvement

Adhere to continuous improvement, actively seek opportunities for progress, improve the company's ability to adapt to the changing market.


Quality is the foundation of a company's survival and the lifeblood of an enterprise

World-class Quality

The excellent design technology of raw materials emphasizes the humanistic design with natural beauty, and the beautiful visual sense is reflected comfortably, ushering in an era of high quality and feeling.

Through unremitting research and management, we have obtained the certification of ISO/ ts14001:2004, ISO/ ts9001:2008, ISO/ ts16949:2009 and CCC quality system.We always take the best quality environment and meet the needs of customers as the highest goal.Foosung emphasizes the superiority of product quality on the premise of selecting raw materials that are harmless to the environment and human body.At the same time,we do a good job in advance of the protective measures for the safe operation of the product. but also thick adult focus on the direction of efforts.This is where we are focusing our efforts.

In order to ensure the smooth development of environmental management and the achievement of goals,Foosung has established an environmental management organization system to play a synergistic role in promoting the implementation of the environmental management policy.

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