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FFC/FPC Connector

Basic Parameters:


Working Frequency: Low Frequency

Model: 0.5 MM

Shape: Strip-type

Manufacturing Process: Injection Molding

Properties: Fire Retardance/Contact Material/Phosphor Bronze

Application: The display screen connector is a flexible flat cable connector.It is a new type of data cable made of PET insulating material and extremely thin tin-coated flat copper wire, pressed together by the production line of high-tech automation equipment.It has the advantages of soft, flexible bending and folding, thin, small volume, simple connection, convenient disassembly and easy solution of electromagnetic shielding (EMI).Connectors are widely used to connect the print head to the main board of various printers.They are also used in signal transmission and board connection of plotter, scanner, copier, audio, LCD electrical appliances, fax machines and all kinds of DVD players .


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